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First Impressions - Orleans

Orleans is a bag building eurogame for two to four players. On their turns, players pull character tiles from their personal bag. In player order, players choose to place their character tiles on action spots on their player boards. Each action spot requires a combination of two or three specific workers to take the action. The majority of actions give you a new character tile and a bonus action.

Review - Undo: Curse from the Past

This is a spoiler-free review. All photos are of setup and anytime I discuss a minor spoiler I will note it ahead of time so you can skip it. Undo: Curse from the Past is a game in which players are “Weavers of Fate”, time travellers aiming to prevent a sudden death by making changes to the past. Players do this by choosing from a selection of cards representing times and places and making decisions about how to influence an event described on the card. Currently, three Undo games have been released. The series appears to be modelling itself on the Exit and Unlock games, providing cheap, one-off adventures for a low price. This specific scenario sees players travelling to 20th century Germany and ancient Egypt.

Accessory Review - Folded Space Inserts

Folded Space are company based out of Sofia, Bulgaria who produce inserts for board games. Their inserts are very similar to foam core based inserts except that they are made from a slightly different material (Evacore) and the sheets of Evacore come pre-cut, reducing the amount of work required to make them.

Review - Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party! is the 2016 expanded version of 2013’s Sushi Go!. Sushi Go Party! is a simple card drafting game for two to eight players. Players try to build the best sushi meal possible from a customisable menu of sushi cards which are passed around the table as if on a conveyor belt at a Kaiten-zushi restaurant. The game is played over three rounds, with scoring happening at the end of each round.

First Impressions - Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons is the third expansion for the Game of Thrones board game (second edition). Our review of the base game game be found here. Mother of Dragons ups the max player count from 6 players to 8 players. It adds two new houses, House Arryn and house Targaryen (who have dragons and a unique win condition) and an additional game board representing Essos when playing with the Targaryens.