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Review - Sagrada

Sagrada is a competitive puzzle game where players take on the role of artists trying to create stained glass windows in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. On their turns players draft and place different coloured dice on their personal player boards. Games of Sagrada are short and although there is a lot to the puzzle at the game’s heart, the rules are simple enough for anyone to play.

First Impressions - Reef

Reef is a 2-4 player game where players build coral reefs. The aim of the game (like most games) is to score the most points. This is done by placing coral pieces on player boards representing reefs to fulfill patterns on cards that the players obtain. These cards also give players new pieces of coral to place in their reefs. On a player’s turn they can do one of two actions. They can either take a card from the three cards shown (or the top card of the deck at a cost of one victory point) or they can play a card from their hand, gaining the pieces of coral indicated, placing them on their player board, and then scoring points for completing the scoring conditions at the bottom of each card.

Review - Azul

Azul is a board game based on the process of azulejos, a type of painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework popular in Spain and Portugal. It originated in Persia and spread to Europe in the 13th century. Nominally, Azul sees you take on the role of a Portuguese artist, tasked by King Manuel I with decorating the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora.

In reality, Azul is an abstract tile drafting game, where players race to fill in their personal player board with brightly coloured tiles in the azulejo style.