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First Impressions - Orleans

Orleans is a bag building eurogame for two to four players. On their turns, players pull character tiles from their personal bag. In player order, players choose to place their character tiles on action spots on their player boards. Each action spot requires a combination of two or three specific workers to take the action. The majority of actions give you a new character tile and a bonus action.

First Impressions - Reef

Reef is a 2-4 player game where players build coral reefs. The aim of the game (like most games) is to score the most points. This is done by placing coral pieces on player boards representing reefs to fulfill patterns on cards that the players obtain. These cards also give players new pieces of coral to place in their reefs. On a player’s turn they can do one of two actions. They can either take a card from the three cards shown (or the top card of the deck at a cost of one victory point) or they can play a card from their hand, gaining the pieces of coral indicated, placing them on their player board, and then scoring points for completing the scoring conditions at the bottom of each card.

First Impressions - Barenpark

Barenpark is a polyomino tile placing game about building a bear park. Players take turns placing tiles, representing enclosures for different types of bears, food stands, paths, and toilets, in their park. These tiles will cover different symbols which will either allow players to take different tiles from a central board or expand their park. Each bear enclosure will give players points at the end of the game, and tiles are stacked so that tiles taken early are worth more points. In addition, one type of symbol allows players to choose a large, one of a kind, high scoring tile. Filling up an entire portion of you bear park will grant you a bear statue, which also gives more points to players who gain them early.

First Impressions - Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons is the third expansion for the Game of Thrones board game (second edition). Our review of the base game game be found here. Mother of Dragons ups the max player count from 6 players to 8 players. It adds two new houses, House Arryn and house Targaryen (who have dragons and a unique win condition) and an additional game board representing Essos when playing with the Targaryens.

First Impressions - Coimbra

Coimbra is a dice drafting auction game set in Portugal on the cusp of the age of discovery. As the head of a noble family in the city of Coimbra you try to recruit local politicians, merchants, clerics and scholars to gain victory points. The game is played over four rounds. Each round, players draft 3 dice of different colours and place them on an auction in either the castle, upper city, middle city or lower city.