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Review - Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party! is the 2016 expanded version of 2013’s Sushi Go!. Sushi Go Party! is a simple card drafting game for two to eight players. Players try to build the best sushi meal possible from a customisable menu of sushi cards which are passed around the table as if on a conveyor belt at a Kaiten-zushi restaurant. The game is played over three rounds, with scoring happening at the end of each round.

Review - Chronicles of Crime

This is a spoiler free review. All photos are taken of randomised game set-ups that are indicative of what you might see in a game. Chronicles of Crime is an investigation game where players take on the roles of detectives solving a variety of crimes in modern day London. The game makes use of a mobile phone app and QR codes on the physical game components to allow players to interact with people, clues, and locations. The app also allows crime scenes to be investigated and investigations to react dynamically to player actions.

Review - Azul

Azul is a board game based on the process of azulejos, a type of painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework popular in Spain and Portugal. It originated in Persia and spread to Europe in the 13th century. Nominally, Azul sees you take on the role of a Portuguese artist, tasked by King Manuel I with decorating the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora.

In reality, Azul is an abstract tile drafting game, where players race to fill in their personal player board with brightly coloured tiles in the azulejo style.